VentureMate: The Podcast

We are pleased to introduce Venture Mate, the VC podcast of the HHL Venture Capital Club: Cologne & Munich (VCC:CM) of the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management.

The podcast aims to make the world of Venture Capital more accessible and provide its listeners with easy access to important personalities in the VC business.

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What is our podcast about?

Contributing to the purpose of the VCC, we want to educate and connect young founders, students and curious minds on the topic of venture capital.

Journey in VC

We interview established founders and venture capitalists on their journey, to learn from their ups and downs and understand, what made them succeed.

Insights VC funds

We give insights into venture capital funds, to understand their strategy, their investment focus and how they support the start-up ecosystem.

Start-up vs VC

We dig deep to understand the field of tension between start-up and venture capitalist, to contribute to mutual understanding and help driving the right decisions.

Lessons Learned

We share learnings and specific knowledge from practice and scientific research, to help improve the efficiency of venture financing overall.

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Our last episodes

Episode 12


Dr. Maximilian Schreiter

talks on the basics of start-up financing with focus on fundraising rounds, financing mechanisms and start-up valuations.

Episode 11


Tina Dreimann

talk about her career from consulting to startups to found an own startup, called “Better Ventures”

Episode 10


Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner

talks how he financed together with the other founders the start-ups Ciao and trivago

Our podcast hosts

Lukas SchlotfeldtMember of VCC:CM and Venture Mate Podcast Host 
Niklas KahlertMember of VCC:CM and Venture Mate Podcast Host

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