Venture Capital Club: Cologne & Munich (VCC:CM)


Student club for part-timers in Cologne and Munich founded in 2019

15 members in total from PMSc9, PMSc10 & PMSc11


Organize events and produce content that covers topics in the field of VC

Plan: Integrate also topics like PE, corporate VC, accelerators, & incubators


Our purpose is to connect start-ups, VC-firms and HHL community to form promising relationships!

Our team

The VCC:CM connects different stakeholders by organizing Events in the sphere of venture capital.

Henry Nieberg

Head of Initiative VCC:CM

Matthias Adam

Member of VCC:CM

Lukas Schlotfeldt

Member of VCC:CM – Podcast

Niklas Kahlert

Member of VCC:CM – Podcast

Alexander Vogeler

Member of VCC:CM

Louisa Müller

Member of VCC:CM

Daniel Backs

Member of VCC:CM