Value-Add Investing in VC Industry | February 2021

The event started with Christian discussing the difficulty for VCs to measure the exact social and environmental impact of an investment. He shared how Capnamic has set its own sustainable investment principles for making investment decisions.
He also highlighted the role that VCs can play in the development of a start-up.  For example, Capnamic always tries to give advice or support by tapping on their own network and contacts in order to find customers or additional investors to support the start-up. Another big value-add for the start-ups can be their expertise in important decisions such as recruiting.

Thank you Christian once more for joining us for this very insightful evening and sharing your experience with us!


VCC Event | January 2021

We began this year with a very enriching talk about the venture capital and consulting industry in our “Ask me anything with Earlybird and McKinsey”. Our guests Paul Klemm, principal at Earlybird VC, and Benjamin Kühl, consultant at McKinsey&Company, answered questions about their experience as former HHL students as well as their personal career paths.

Thank you once again for sharing your experience with us Paul & Benjamin!



Kick-Off Event Startup Valuation | December 2020

VCC held it’s first event in the new semester with many new students from HHL. Dr. Maximilian Schreiter from the Chair of Finance, Dr. Julian Kaboth from Solytec and Dr. Arnd Lodowicks from Rocket gave us an introduction to various methods of startup valuation. It became clear that not only the size of the investments in startups is relevant, but also modalities of the term sheet, such as liquidity preferences.

We were very happy about your impressions and your answers to our questions – thank you very much for being our guests! Also a big thanks to HHL for making it possible for us to host this event.


VCC meets Digital+ Partners | February 2020

Dear HHL-community,
we were happy to have Dominik and Florian from the investment team at Digital+ Partners. They introduced their fund including their portfolio, which consists of B2B technology companies. We had a great time and interesting talks with Dominik and Florian – thank you for your time and sharing your experiences with us!


VCC meets Project A | December 2019

Dear HHL-community,
We had an enriching session with Mey Cezairli from Project A!
Mey spoke with us about the evaluation process of an early growth stage startup. Further, as Investment Manager, she shared insights on how they evaluate parameters to quantify qualitative factors including a pitch deck and motivation of founding team members. Looking forward to our next event!


VCC meets Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Sachsen | March 2017

Thank you for your attendance at the first VCC Event this term. Jörg Frohberg from Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Sachsen gave some really valuable insights into the world of Venture Capital. He also showed some insights from being a founder of Merolt. See you at our next event, which will take place in November!


VCCPAV2VCC meets Kompass Digital | November 2017 

On November 11th Carl-Luis – former HHL student and current investment analyst at Kompass Digital in Berlin – visited the VCC to give practical insight into the work of a VC. Analyzing a fictive pitchdeck together with the group, he proved that working at VC is not only numbers-driven but especially a team game. For more information, like and visit our facebook or Linkedin.



VCCPAV2VCC meets Project A | April 2017 

On April 26th Project A Ventures in person of Andreas Helbig came to Leipzig to visit HHL Venture Capital Club. Project A takes a slightly different approach compared to many other VCs by employing around 100 experts from different fields that are available to the ventures for operational support and advise.



VCC_Binee_PostingVCC Advice – binee financing | April 2017 

On April 12th the VCC team visited the SpinLab accelerator in Leipzig Baumwollspinnerei and met with the young recycling start-up binee. The meeting symbolized the start of the new activities of VCC in the field of independent and free support and advise for start-ups in their fund raising process.



VCC Rebranding and expansion of activities | March 2017

HHL Venture Capital Club is not just changing this appearance but we are as well expanding our activities. As of now, we are offering help to early stage start-ups which are preparing their first funding or just seeking independent advice. For more information on the new service check here:



VCC Talk @ HHL | November 30th 2016

Mostly, the startup scene only talks about private Business Angels or typical Venture Capital funds as typical capital providers in early stages. Yet, it is commonly known that there are also other types of funding. Family offices for example, increase not only their impact in later stage investments but also strengthen their position in early stage rounds. We had the pleasure to welcome Carl-Luis Rieger from Kompass Digital who gave us insights about the daily life of being responsible for early stage investments of a family office.

paneldiscConflict area of Social Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital | October 17th 2014

HHL Venture Capital Club invites to the first event of this term. For us, the HHL Venture Capital Club, it is a great honour to have four very different panel discussion participants in order to receive detailed insights into the different perspectives of the topic of social entrepreneurship. Comparing the founder standpoint with the venture finance viewpoint as well as getting insights into the academic and practical perspective on this current topic.


investorsdayInternational Investors Day 2014

Take part in the First HHL International Investors Day. On June 18, 2014 HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management will hold the first HHL International Investors Day. The event includes keynote speeches by several well-known speakers and panel discussions with founders, business angels, venture capital firms and successful companies concerning the recent topics of digital businesses. In addition, pre-selected top entrepreneurial teams get the chance to present in front of the investors and a jury. The event will offer great opportunities to network and learn from experienced entrepreneurs and investors.

valuationFirst exclusive event for the members of the VCC | May 24th 2014

The first internal workshop of the HHL Venture Capital Club with the topic of “Fair value valuation” was held on May 24, 2014. Prof. Dr. Lahmann, holder of the Junior Professorship in M&A of Small- and Midsized Entities; Dorian Procksch, Research associate at the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation management and Christian Hetke, the CEO of futalis discussed various issues concerning fair value valuation of start-ups with the members of the VCC.
The VCC members gained insights in the Venture Capital business in Germany, the theoretical models of valuation and were able to get compare these findings with a real life example of an alumni entrepreneur.


guestlecInvestment strategies and sisks for seed and mid-stage funding

We will welcome Mischa Wetzel, Senior Investment Manager at IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, and Hans-Philipp vom Ende, Investment Analyst at Holtzbrinck Digital GmbH. Both will share their views and philosophies on seed and mid-staged funding in the entertainment and creative industry – an area which is very interesting for future HHL entrepreneurs. We will get deep insights about the current development of the market and the experiences our guest speakers make in the venture business day-to-day.