VCC Investment Cup | 2021

VCC Investment Cup | 2021


Our yearly event, the VCC Investment Cup is a 2-day happening on our HHL campus in Leipzig, where we invite students from Europe’s top business schools to experience a Venture Capital Funds full lifecyle.


Registered teams will compete against each other in a challenging real-life case simulation with the support of experienced industry experts.


  • 25-26. June 2021
  • Cash price for the winning team!

VCC Investment Cup | 2021

1. Chose your VC fund’s team!

Set up a team that is interested in the VC industry and able to help you to identify the right targets to invest in. The only reqirement is it should be no more than 3-5 person and they have to be enrolled students in an university program. 

2. Identify the market you want to be active in! 

Each team has the chance to select one industry that it finds most relevant to make a good return for its limited partners. For this phase you receive 3 options to chose from. After you prepared an analysis and derived your decision your LPs (Jury) will rate your choice with the amount of money they will initially invest in your fund and give you detailed feedback on it. 

3. Conduct your valuation and invest in a startup!

As your team already has made the choice for a specific industry you now receive a number of company pitchdecks within that sector, that you have to evaluate. Here your own talent for identifying business opportunity is required! You’ll have to prepare a presentation to your limited partners (Jury) about how and why you have choosen the specific target and will receive a feedback afterwards. 

4. Final closing of your VC fund!

The LPs have made their decision and invested their capital commitments in your fund. The winner team is the one with the highest assets under management in the final round. Afterwards we will enjoy the evening with some drinks together with our jury members and participants and talk about your questions but also get some insights in their day-to-day life.