We bring together people from all members of the venture capital environment.

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HHL Venture Capital Club was founded to connect people with an interest in venture capital, entrepreneurship and investments into innovation.

The fundament of our network is built of the experiences and stories our members bring to the table. This alone already forms a fruitful basis for sharing know-how and insights. Nevertheless, we aim to constantly increase this knowledge basket by also bringing in external sources of valuable and enlightening expertise.

This can only be achieved when we as a club connect with different players within the venture capital industry, the startup scene and other networks and institutions.

We build an extensive network to enable our members not only to learn, but enter this fascinating world and give them the opportunity to also start a career in this field.

Also, with our approach of sharing and advising, we need support and know how from HHL internal and also external sources to provide helpful advise and to become a first point of contact for VC related topics at HHL.

This is why Connect is an essential corner stone of HHL Venture Capital Club. We continuously get in touch with interesting folks, bring together great people and create a wide network.