VCC Advice – binee | April 2017

VCC Advice – binee Seed Financing 

On April 12th 2017 the VCC team visited the SpinLab accelerator in Leipzig Baumwollspinnerei and met with the young recycling start-up binee. The meeting symbolized the start of the new activities of VCC in the field of independent and free support and advise for start-ups in their fund raising process. 

In a relaxed atmosphere, binee Founder Martin Jähnert gave insights into the business model and the current setup of the company. In a lively discussion our VCC team tried to dig deeper into the business case, the product and also financials and asked multiple questions an investor might also raise. This gave binee an opportunity to practice and prepare for when it comes to the real negotiation table. All team members shared their experience from the field and engaged in making suggestions on how to improve the pitch deck, especially with regards to which aspects might be most relevant for venture capital investors. 

„By questioning the most important facts and giving feedback on financials and other business related points,  we want to support startups in different areas and transfer knowledge from theory and industry to the startups.“ Lukas Thöben, Head of VCC 

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„At binee, we are driven by exchange and feedback – the views and experience of the HHL Venture Capital Club members made this a very valuable sparring. Thanks for your visit!“ Martin Jähnert, CEO of Binee.